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Put Your Eggs in the Facebook Basket

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There’s an important thing to note about social media. No company is safe. There’s no such thing as “too big to fail”, even for companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ that control more eyeballs, time, and advertising dollars than the majority of the internet combined. People love them today. They may not love them tomorrow. That’s why it’s important to keep your eggs in many baskets…

Eggs in Multiple Baskets

…or is it?

Today, Facebook is by far the most effective social network for driving business for car dealers. All of the other social networks combined could not be half as potent for sales and marketing than a properly managed Facebook presence. Of course, “properly managed” means money. There is no way to get anywhere near the full potential of Facebook without spending ad dollars. It’s not like Google or other networks where paid and organic are closely akin. On Facebook, you’re either in with paid or out with organic.

That’s not the reason to focus on Facebook. As stated before, it wouldn’t be hard something to go tragically wrong with Facebook. They enjoy total domination today, but a government sanction, a major hack, or a critical failure of their infrastructure could send all of it into a tailspin that would make the fall of MySpace seem like it lasted for decades. That’s the scary part. The good news is that a savvy business that keeps all of its content that it posts stored somewhere away from the social network is protected.

If you’re keeping your images, videos, status updates, and data in a secure area off of Facebook, you’re prepared to use Facebook as the primary component of your social media marketing. You can proceed without fear. Even if there is a catastrophic collapse of Facebook, saving the content can allow it to be replaced very quickly, either on a “recovered” Facebook or another network altogether.

The Facebook basket is strong enough to hold all of your eggs… for now. Use that to your advantage while it lasts (which could be indefinitely). Just be sure you’re prepared for a time when it doesn’t last.


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