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Why We Launched Dealer Authority

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It doesn’t take a social media guru to scan through a couple dozen pages of social profiles used by car dealers and their vendors to see that the industry in general is missing out on the potential that should be coming to the table, especially on Facebook.

Dealer Authority

There’s a tremendous need in the automotive industry. The parody that is growing between the various mega-vendors is forcing dealers to accept mediocrity. That’s just not the way it should be.

For many dealers, this is actually okay. Allowing the OEMs and vendors to dictate how a dealership should handle their digital marketing makes it easier. It makes everyone the same, putting them in a level playing field. It’s safe.

Other dealers aren’t satisfied with being safe. They want to be aggressive. They want to dominate. They aren’t satisfied with having the same level of marketing and the associated level of service that comes with mega-vendors. They are the dealers that aren’t interested in fitting in. They want to stand out.

There’s another reason that we built Dealer Authority. The various marketing and advertising venues are changing drastically. It’s no longer feasible to use bulk-produced, automated techniques to handle marketing disciplines like search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing. Bulk doesn’t work anymore. It once did across all of the three major marketing arenas, but today it’s ineffective. In many cases it can actually do more damage than good.

Dealer Authority is dedicated to delivering personalized and powerful marketing. We aren’t interested in scalability – chances are very strong that we may never have more than a few dozen clients. That’s okay. We aren’t looking for the bulk. We’re not here to serve the masses. We want to work with the dealers who really want to make a dramatic impact on their marketing efforts, the dealers that aren’t satisfied with being in the game. We want the dealers that want to win the game at all costs and are willing to do what it takes to destroy the competition.

That’s Dealer Authority. We’re not good for everyone, but we might be good for you.


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